Jesus and Our Hiding Places

Genesis 2:25 tells us that when God created Adam and Eve, they were "both naked and were not ashamed." They were both known and vulnerable without shame or fear. But once they sinned, they experienced shame in their nakedness, which led to fear, which led to hiding. And ever since then, shame has been a central element of the human condition, causing us to hide from God, one another, and even ourselves. But the Good News is that Jesus meets us in those very hiding places. 

Easter: Transformed by the Risen Christ

John 21

We've all experienced failure in our life. While some of us experience minor failures daily, there are those of us who are still trying to bounce back from life-altering defeat. The original disciples of Jesus also experienced failure, none bigger than Peter. Yet, the risen Christ met him in that failure and transformed him. And He does the same for us in our failures today. To hear more, you can listen to our Easter sermon from this past Sunday.