God is in Control

God's heart is for every nation and every people group on earth. His redemptive love is offered to all peoples. And in His grace, He also grants us the privilege to play a role in the great story of salvation that He's writing. To hear more about the breadth of God's love and our role in making it known to others, you can listen to this week's sermon from our guest speaker.

Preparing Them to Be Sent: The Inclusive Exclusivity of Jesus

Is Jesus the only way to God? Aren't all religions basically saying the same thing? Isn't it arrogant, divisive, and dangerous to make exclusive truth claims? Isn't it more important to live a good life rather than check off a set of beliefs? And what about those who've never heard the gospel? We confront these difficult questions as we take a look at one of Jesus' most challenging statements about Himself.