Missional Habits: Blessing, Pt 2

In the broadest sense, blessing others involves anything we do that helps others live as God intended them to live, i.e. in right relationship with Him, ourselves, others, and creation. As we continue our series on Missional Habits, we consider two additional ways that we can bless others: gifts and service. To hear how each of these can help others flourish spiritually, psychologically, relationally, and/or vocationally, you can listen to our sermon from this past Sunday.

God's Unstoppable Blessing

Genesis 27:1-46

Leo Tolstoy's great novel "Anna Karenina" begins with the famous line, "All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way." In the book of Genesis, Isaac's family is definitely an unhappy one by chapter 27. And each member of the family contributes to this unhappiness through selfish and destructive acts. And yet, all of their brokenness can't derail God's good purposes. To hear more, you can listen to our sermon from this past Sunday.

Our Origin Story

Genesis 11:27-12:9

One way any people group comes to a deeper understanding of themselves is by understanding their history. And one of the most foundational elements of that history is the beginning... how and when and where, and perhaps even why they came into existence as a distinct people. Listen to this week's sermon to hear how the beginning of God's people tells us who we are and what we're to be about.