Missional Habits: Stewardship and Generosity, Pt 2 - Matthew 19:16-30

We often treat Jesus sort of like the local Goodwill, where we donate clothes that we weren’t planning on wearing anyway. Similarly, we often give Jesus control only of those things that either don’t matter that much to us or that we’ve clearly broken while withholding those areas of life that matter the most to us. And for many of us, one of those last areas is money. As we spoke about in the first sermon in our series, the doctrine of creation tells us that money, and material things generally, are good and something we can enjoy and delight in. In this week’s sermon, we discuss how the doctrine of the Fall shows us that money is very dangerous and something that can become one of the most powerful idols in our lives, one that Jesus seeks to liberate us from so that we can be a generous people.