Before outlining our beliefs, we want to say that we seek to be a community that's welcoming to everyone. You don't have to agree with everything, or anything, written below to be welcome to our community. This isn't because we don't think that what we believe is important. It is. Our beliefs help root, shape, and guide us. It's not a lack of convictions that leads us to be welcoming but rather the content of our convictions that does so. After all, a community that believes things like all people, including those who may not share our beliefs, are made in the image of God and that we're redeemed solely by God's grace should be a community marked by winsomeness, welcome, and respect.

With that said, we affirm that though our church is new, our beliefs are not. We wholeheartedly embrace a robust, historic Christianity that flows from the Scriptures and has been expressed by faithful believers throughout the centuries.

With Christians across the ages and around the world, we affirm the foundational beliefs expressed in three ancient creeds:

We also stand in the line of churches that arose out of the Reformation that began in the 16th century and whose beliefs are laid down in the Westminster Confession of Faith, a rich articulation of faith that highlights the majesty and mercy of God in all things.