Thank you so much for considering partnering with us financially. In Philippians 1:3-5, the Apostle Paul says that he thanks God whenever he thinks of the Philippians because of their partnership in the Gospel. One specific facet of their partnership was their material generosity in support of Paul’s ministry, for which he again thanks and commends them (4:10-20). Whether you’re a part of Missio Dei or an outside contributor, we likewise are thankful for every way in which you partner with us in the Gospel, including financially. Your generosity helps us pursue our mission to make maturing and multiplying disciples of Jesus who will love God, love others, and love their neighborhoods and city.

(All contributions are tax-deductible)

Give through PayPal Giving Fund: If you have a PayPal account or are willing to make one, then you can give to us through PayPal Giving Fund by going here. This allows us to keep 100% of the contribution (the credit card option below costs us 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction). You can make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring gift. Please note that you'll officially be giving to PayPal Giving Fund, who'll then forward the donation to our account. PayPal Giving Fund is a registered non-profit and so your contribution will still be tax-deductible. Your giving statement(s) will come from them rather than the church.

Give by credit card: You can give by credit card without creating a PayPal account by clicking the button. You can make a one-time contribution or set up a recurring gift. Your year-end giving statement will come from the church.

Give by check: To give by check, please make your check payable to "Missio Dei" and mail it to Missio Dei, PO Box 26405, Los Angeles, CA, 90026.

If you'd like to give regularly by check, the best way to do so is by setting up an automatic recurring "bill pay" through your online banking as you might for something like your cell phone bill. If your bank asks for an account number, you can write "GeneralFund."