"Peace be with you. As the Father has sent me, even so I am sending you." - Jesus, John 20:21


We're a brand new church seeking to serve the neighborhoods at the intersection of central and northeast Los Angeles, including Silver Lake, Los Feliz, Echo Park, and Atwater Village. Our name, Missio Dei, is Latin for "the mission of God" or the "sending of God." We chose it as our name because it expresses both the heart of God and the call of the church.

God is the first and great missionary. The Story of the Christian faith is the Story of a God who is on a mission to reconcile and redeem a world that He created and declared "good" and "very good" but which, though still filled with much beauty and goodness, is also now marred by brokenness, suffering, and sin. That mission began millennia ago, climaxed in the sending of His Son Jesus Christ, and continues now in and through the church. We're the product of God's mission, a broken and imperfect people who for some unfathomable reason have been showered with grace. In turn, we're instruments of God's mission, a renewed people who are sent into the world to give our lives in the humble service of others.

Our hope is that you too would be drawn into this Story - a Story whose author is God, whose hero is Jesus, whose plot is His mission to redeem, whose main theme is grace, and whose ending (spoiler alert!) is the glorious renewal of all things. Wherever you are in relation to that Story and its Author and Hero - whether completely unfamiliar with them, confused by them, skeptical about them, struggling with them, or joyfully and deeply committed to them - we welcome you to join us. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.